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It is still winter but ice off is not that far off

It is early March and the local lakes are still well frozen. We have had a very mild winter in terms of air temperatures but a fairly decent snowpack which will really help out with lake water levels. I am busy tying up chironomids and leeches which will get a fair bit of use as soon as we do get open water. In the mean time I have been out chasing wild rainbows in the local rivers. It won’t be long so now is the time to get your gear organized. … Read entire article »

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UV Tack Free Resins and tying chironomids

I’ve had a lot of questions about UV resins for coating chironomids. The product I use is the Deer Creek UV tack free resin out of the UK. It comes in regular and thin consistencies and I use the thin version. This product is probably available at some fly shops so check with your local shop. If not it can be ordered online through You will need a UV light or torch to set the resin. A few seconds of the light on the fly leaves a totally dry, glossy finnish making a durable fly with UV enahncement built right in. Lots of time to tie some patterns up before ice off. … Read entire article »

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