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2011 Stillwater Seminars

I often get asked about seminars I am conducting each fishing season. Here is the rundown of what I have on the books for now. May 27-29 will see Kathy Ruddick and I at our annual spring school at Stoney Lake Lodge on Douglas Lake Ranch. This is a great weekend of learning aimed at beginner to intermediate level anglers. It is an ideal location for couples as well. Kathy and I will cover a wide variety of topics during our classroom sessions. You will learn about lake biology, seasons of a lake, trout food sources, fishing tactics, knots, basic equipment selection, fly casting instruction and lots of time on Stoney and/or Minnie lakes to practice what has been taught. There should be some … Read entire article »

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Time to get serious about tying flies for the 2011 stillwater season

It’s early Feb and definitely time to spend time at the vice. I always start by replenishing my stock of chironomid pupa. Despite probably having literally thousands of pupal patterns there are always new colour combinations, sizes to tie. Much of the tying ideas come from looking at the real bugs that have been sampled through the use of a throat pump. Here are some images of live pupa to give you some ideas of how diverse they are in terms of colour and size. Time to get back to the vice, Good luck with your tying!! … Read entire article »

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