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2011 Stillwater Seminars

I often get asked about seminars I am conducting each fishing season. Here is the rundown of what I have on the books for now. May 27-29 will see Kathy Ruddick and I at our annual spring school at Stoney Lake Lodge on Douglas Lake Ranch. This is a great weekend of learning aimed at beginner to intermediate level anglers. It is an ideal location for couples as well. Kathy and I will cover a wide variety of topics during our classroom sessions. You will learn about lake biology, seasons of a lake, trout food sources, fishing tactics, knots, basic equipment selection, fly casting instruction and lots of time on Stoney and/or Minnie lakes to practice what has been taught. There should be some pretty intense chironomid emergences during our time on the ranch. Check out for more details on this weekend package.

June 3-5 will see myself, Phil Rowley and Mike Mitchell of BC Outdoors Sportfishing Magazine hosting another spring Learning with the Pro’s session. This year we will be at Ruddock’s Dam, a private fishery located just north of Lytton, BC. Ruddock’s Dam supports a healthy population of big rainbow trout which makes it a perfect classroom setting. We should be seeing good emergences of chironomids, mayflies and damselflies during our time at the lake. Learning with the Pro’s weekends feature a mix of lectures and on the water time that will make every participant a more accomplished lake fly fisher. Visit the BC Outdoors website at for further details on this school.

The fall Learning with the Pro’s weekend will see Phil, Mike and I returning to Roche Lake Resort and the big rainbows found in this quality managed fishery. We will be there Oct. 14-16, which is right in the middle of the late fall fishing period. As a bonus the numerous smaller lakes around Roche will be at their best so there will be lots of fishing options. This school will again feature lectures and on the water time. More information can be found at

Send me an email if you have any additional questions about any of these schools.



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