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The Chironomids are finally emerging!!

It has been a really cold and windy spring and ice off is quite late when compared to recent years.  In the Kamloops area we have only a handful of waters to fish but within the next 10 t0 14 days we will have a lot of lakes becoming ice free.  We are finally seeing some good chironomid emergences on lakes like 6 Mile, Morgan and White.  The bugs are small, often best imitated with #18 pupal patterns.  I have been tying #18 bodies on # 16 hooks as the slightly bigger hook size is stronger and less susceptable to bending or straightening on a bigger fish.  We are definitely in very early spring mode and really rushing the fishing but it is hard to stay off the water after … Read entire article »

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Starting the Spring Fishing Season off Right

In early April I had the opportunity to spend a week fly fishing in Cuba with the boys from Sport Fishing on the Fly TV Show and other great guests.  We had a great time spending 6tdays on a big boat that moved during the week.  We fished a lot of good water for bonefish, tarpon and permit.  I am now hooked on tarpon fishing!!  Those fish pull but I am worried about the first few trout I set the hook on this spring!!  This is definitely a trip I will do again. It was great to get away while the local lakes are still frozen.  Here a few images of the fish and fishing action.  … Read entire article »

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