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The Chironomids are Hatching

Spring is still taking it’s time in opening up more lakes to fish in the Kamloops area.  Right now we have White, Morgan and Six Mile lakes.  Jacko and Barnes should be coming off sometime this week as the day time temperatures are suppose to be in the high 20’s C.  I fished Morgan a couple times late last week, just fishing from shore and caught some nice fish.  A quick throat pump revealed a few small black chironomid pupa mixed in with zooplankton, juvenile damselfly nymphs and shrimp.  Water in both Six Mile and Morgan still looks great, no turnover in evidence yet.

While we could catch fish on chironomids it has been more productive fishing small leeches in maroon and all black.  We have caught fish on both indicators and floating lines and long leaders.  Sinking lines have also been catching fish.

It won’t be long before more lakes become ice free and thus giving more options to consider.  The good spring fishing is coming soon,


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2 Responses to "The Chironomids are Hatching"

  1. Jack Simpson says:

    Great and timely article in the May issue of Fly Fusion, Brian. Thanks for sharing, again and again.

  2. John Kent says:

    Nice blog, Brian. Looking forward to getting back out there mid May.