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A Nice Fish to Start the Year Off

During the second week of May I spent a couple days filming episodesof BC Outdoors Sportfishing with host Mike Mitchell.  The goal of these shows was to feature early spring fly fishing tactics on productive stillwaters.  Day 1 was spent on Six Mile lake located approx. 30 km west of Kamloops.  This low elevation lake is situated in the rolling grassland, sagebrush country that surrounds the greater kamloops area.  We caught a good number of fish on micro leeches and very small (#18) chironomid pupa.  The majority of fish we caught were in the 1.5 to 2 pound size range.  We had some good discussions on early spring tactics that are applicable to any western stillwater.

Day 2 saw us on my favourite lake, Roche.  This is an incredibly productive waterbody and the fisheries management plan for this lake and stocking program  is designed to provide a quality fishing experience.  Both triploided and reproductive rainbow trout are stocked on an annual basis.  The lake supports extensive shallow areas or shoals which are prime feeding areas for trout.  The ice had been off the lake for less than a week so it was definitely early spring fishing conditions.  We fished floating lines and strike indicators and fished water less than 10 feet in depth.  Micro leeches in various colours seemed to be more productive than small chironomid pupa.  Near the end of the day I got lucky and hooked a nice fish.  It jumped after a few initial head shakes and that is when I got a little more serious about playing the fish.  It was big, a lot bigger than I thought it was from the first few head shakes and short runs.  In between a couple more jumps it managed to swim under and around the bow anchor twice, just to add a bit more excitement to the fight.  We were able to get this fish on camera and I can’t wait to see the footage.  We estimated the fish at 10 pounds and close to 30 inches in length.  By the fin clip we know it was a triploid all-female Pennask rainbow that was only 6 years old.  This fish is going to live at least another couple of years.  Hopefully another angler will get to enjoy this quality fish.  That is my fishing story of this spring season.  Here is an image of the one that did not get away!!

A quality Roche lake Rainbow

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One Response to "A Nice Fish to Start the Year Off"

  1. Bob Taylor says:

    Great fish Brian …looks just like one I caught out of Dragon this spring !!! Can’t wait to see the episode !!