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Fishing with the Double Hand Rod and Having Fun!!

Over the past couple years I have been learning how to cast the spey rod with the intention of fishing it for steelhead, salmon and trout on some of the larger rivers in BC. This has been a lot of fun mixed with enough frustration to keep me coming back for more. I must thank Brian Niska from Whistler Flyfishing who spent a day introducing me to the game and getting me pointed in the right direction. From then on I had the bug. Learning the various casts, what lines work with what rod etc. I have been able to make 2 trips to the Skeena River area during steelhead season and have hooked enough fish to know that I should have started fishing this way much earlier. I find myself out on local rivers practicing the various casts as much as I can, evend uring the winter months. I wish this style of casting was as easy as single hand casting. I can’t wait to chase more summer or winter run steelhead or any other fish species in river systems that are suited to the double hand rods. Here are a few shots from my last trip north.

A beautiful fish and one happy angler!!

Ready for Release

A day on the water with friends Peter Morrison and Rob Vodola

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