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March and April 2012 Presentations and Seminars

Winter arrived again in kamloops, -14C this morning!!  Cross country skiing has been great but we are certainly not getting too much closer to spring ice off on the local lakes.  I have a few speaking engagements coming up in the next 2 months and then it is time to go fishing.  I will be presenting at the Fraser Valley Boat & Sportsman’s Show in Abbotsford, BC form March 2 – 4.  At 4:30 Pm on Friday I will be giving a free talk on the Biology of Productive Trout Lakes and at 10 AM on the Saturday will be covering Fall Stillwater Tactics, both presentations are in the seminar room to your left just as you enter the Tradex building. I will also be doing tying demonstrations at 2 PM on both the Friday and Saturday.

I will also be in Hamilton, Ontario March 31 and April 1 and presenting at the Canadian Fly Fishing Forum hosted by the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club from Toronto.  The forum is being held at the Hamilton Convention Centre.  This is my first opportunity to talk at this annual event.  I will be giving presenations on Favourite BC Waters and How to Fish Chironomids in Stillwaters.  There are many other well known speakers giving presentations at this event.  This event also features many expert fly tiers showcasing their innovative tying techniques.   More information on this event can be found at the club website

I will also be attending the East Idaho Fly Tying & fly Fishing Expo held April 20 & 21 at the Shilo Inn in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  I will be conducting a paid 4 hr tying seminar as well as tying in the fly tying theatre and doing a presentation on chironomid fishing tactics.  This event is one of the largest fly tying expositions put on by volunteers!!  I am looking forward to meeting up with more people from our fly fishing community.

On April 28 & 29th I will be in Kelowna, BC along with Phil Rowley as we host a BC Outdoors Sportfishing Magazine  Learning with the Pros weekend.  On the Saturday Phil and I will be presenting a variety of talks on stillwater tactics, lake biology, knots and  leaders, How to fish chironomids.  Sunday will be a hands on fly tying workshop where students will tie along with  Phil and I as we demonstrate our  favourite chironomids, mayflies, damselflies, leeches, dragonflies, scuds and Caddis pupae.  More information on this “Spring Tuneup” weekend can be found at the BC Outdoors Magazine website



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One Response to "March and April 2012 Presentations and Seminars"

  1. Bryan says:


    A bit off-topic to this blog post, but is related, as it is probably something you touch on in your presentations, which I’ve not had the good fortune to attend—yet.

    Overall, do you see a difference in your fishing success when using breathers on your midge pupae patterns as compared to the same patterns without breathers? Or, does it “just depend” on the fish, and you don’t see any correlation?

    Also, at what point in the pupae’s migration from the bottom to the surface do the breather’s develop? Do “staging” pupae (those waiting to begin their ascent from the bottom) have breathers?

    Are breathers on pupal patterns more effective when the fish are taking the pupae near the surface, are compared to when they are feeding on them a foot or so off the bottom?

    When you are fishing your pupae patterns a foot or so off the bottom, using either the long leader technique or under an indicator, do you use patterns with breathers or not?

    Thank you.


    Portland, Oregon