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Our Stillwater Fly Fishing Season is coming to an end

Stillwater season coming to an end

A throat pump from an actively feeding spring fish

It’s time to catch up on my blog after a very hectic season of guiding, fliming TV shows and seminars. Our fall season is coming to an end as ice is forming on many lower elevation lakes. This was a very unusual fishing year on the lakes around Kamloops and I suspect on lakes throughout the interior of BC and perhaps into Alberta and eastern Washington. We started out with a late ice off, followed by a cold and windy spring. I did not experience great chironomid fishing this past spring. What was typical were light emergences and short bites versus what we normally experince : extended emergences lasting several or more hours plus equally long bite periods. Summer arrived in early August and went to the end of September, We had 2 months of hot weather but still found some good fishing. Like the spring fishing, the fall activity was very spotty. While we had some good fishing it was hard to get two good days in a row. I guess the best news of the year was the amount of spring runoff we had. Many lakes filled, some for the first time in 10 years. Perhaps the water table has recharged and next spring will see good surface flows into those lakes that need a bit of flushing and topping up with water. Here are a few images of this years fishing season,


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